Centor Screens

Centor Screens

Steel Windows and Doors USA is proud to offer the world’s first fingertip controlled screen system which provides insect screening and/or superior solar control. Offering a comfortable environment while promoting indoor-outdoor living, is the goal of Centor screens and shades which can be incorporated for new or existing windows and doors.

Centor Architectural offers the award winning screen/shade system S1 and the insect screen system S2. Not only does the Centor system allow clients to have remarkable control of their living environment, but it does so in a way that best fits the needs of the space without compromising the style or feel of its surroundings. By effortlessly retracting horizontally into its sleek frame, the screen system is only noticeable when it needs to be as it sits concealed discreetly into its frame. Centor’s load balancing technology allows the screen/blind to be left partially open, allowing you to pass through without the hassle of opening or closing it all the way. It also remains firmly in any chosen position with tension across the surface to prevent the tendency for sagging. Additionally, the systems come in a range of materials and finishes to best match the opening such as white, bronze, or clear anodized, and an extensive selection of paint finishes.

S1 Screen / Shade System

The Centor S1 Screen is a screen / shade system unlike any other on the market. The screen can be paired with a light filtering shade for a multi-function system, which also doubles as a projection screen for your viewing pleasure. This means, whether you are outside during a cookout or inside watching the big game, you won’t ever be missing from the action. The retractable system is high performing and easy to use, with an unobtrusive solution that hides into place when not in use. Designed to match any space in a range of colors, the Centor S1 makes for easy indoor-outdoor transitions. The system is available in several configurations: a single system with a screen or shade that extends from one side all the way across the opening; a multi-function system that has a screen and shade: one material is on the right and the other on the left to extend across completely; double system: two screens or two shades that meet in the middle. Whether you are looking to screen a single door or entire opening, the S1 system is the perfect solution. Backed by Centor’s 5 year warranty for peace of mind, the strong and durable Centor system may be used on the interior or exterior.

S2 Insect Screen System

The Centor S2 insect screen is retractable and available in a single system with a screen extending from one side of the frame across the entire opening, or a double system with two screens that meet in the middle of the opening. The low profile sill of 3/4″ high makes for a compact design. The mesh screen is available in Standard Weave for regular sized insects such as flies, and Tight Weave for tiny insects. Control the barrier between the indoors and out with the Centor S2 insect screen: welcome ventilation and light with open doors while blocking out unwanted outdoor pests. The screen retracts into the system’s frame when not in use. Backed by Centor’s 5 year warranty for peace of mind, the strong and durable Centor system may be used on the interior or exterior.

Other Advantages of Centor Screens

  • Shock absorption prevents damage to the system by redirecting it away from the screen.
  • Self-feeding mechanism ensures that the screen retracts onto the roll if the screen was to be pushed out of the top or bottom channels.
  • Load balancing technology keeps the screen tight and prevents sagging.
  • Fingertip operation.
  • Large screen sizes can cover large openings.
  • Versatile, can be used as a screen, shade, or both.
  • Simple and quick product maintenance.
  • Extensively tested in dust, mud, sand, and other outside environments.
  • 5 year limited warranty.

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