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Screening of window and door units is one of the most common items to be overlooked while planning a project. Reason being, most people do not want to obstruct their view or distract themselves from the beauty and character of their newly furnished steel windows or doors. To overcome this obstacle, Steel Windows and Doors USA has partnered with two of the finest screening/shade manufactures in the industry. Providing rolling solutions for screens and shades allows them to be completely out of site while they are not in use. In some cases, entire window and door walls can utilize a rolling screen/shade system which may be fully concealed within the wall cavity. In addition, all of our featured systems have the ability to withstand the elements; granting the client the versatility to mount them to the interior or exterior facing the elements.

Centor Screens

Thermally Broken Products

Steel Windows and Doors USA is proud to say that we now offer the worlds-first fingertip controlled screen system which provides insect screening as well as superior solar control. Offering a comfortable environment while promoting an energy efficient eco-friendly life style.

Centor Architectural based their most recent design of the S1E Eco-Screen™ off their award winning product, the S1 Insect Screen™. Not only does the new and improved system allow the customer to have remarkable control of their living environment, but it does so in a way that best fits the needs of the space without compromising the style or feel of its surroundings. By effortlessly retracting horizontally into its sleek frame, the new and improved S1E screen system is only noticeable when it needs to be as it sits concealed discretely into its frame. Centor’s load balancing technology allows to the screen/blind to be left partially open, allowing you to pass through without the hassle of opening of closing it all the way. It also remains firmly in any chosen position with tension across the surface to prevent the tendency for sagging. Additionally, the S1E Screen™ comes in a full range of materials and finishes to best match the opening such as real wood veneers, white, bronze or clear anodized and an extensive selection of custom paint finishes.

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Roll Down Screens

Thermally Broken Products

Whether you’re looking to screen a single window or a large opening, our solar blinds and insect screens are the perfect solution. We offer endless fabric and screen options to complete any room’s furnishings. Featuring the patented shy zip system, the screen remains tightly locked into the side tracks even when excesses pressure is applied directly to the material. Also available with a cable track, black out track or no track option. This system has the ability be mounted on the interior or exterior, or concealed within the wall to be completely out of sight. Choose from a manual crank or concealed motorized system with a wall switch or remote. Featuring the Nice® Italian motor as a standard or available with the Somfy motor at no additional charge.

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