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Termica is a narrow sight-line, Thermally Broken, Curtain Wall and Facade system.

Thermica Curtain Wall


  • Minimal visible sight-line of only 50mm (2").
  • Mullion and transom depths of 50mm, 80mm and 100mm (2", 3 1/8" & 4")
  • Easily reinforced with steel structure to meet load requirements.
  • Dual neoprene gasketing system.
  • Can accommodate up 1 1/4" IGU.
  • External snap-on cover available in a variety of materials with custom shapes available.
  • Modular construction allows the option of incorporating operable windows and doors into the curtain wall system.

Guaranteed Performance

  • Air, wind and water - the unique gasketing system combined with the specific profiles of the metal sections ensure maximum performance.
  • Strength and durability - the use of approved fittings and the structural strength of the sections and joints ensure perfect operation for the entire life cycle of scheduled use.
  • Sound insulation - the presence of glazing seals and gaskets around the whole edge with the ability to fit up to 1 ¼" thick glass, superior acoustic values can be achieved.
  • Thermal insulation - the unique system for joining the steel profiles without any thermal bridging allows heat transmission rates or U-values of up to .21 to be achieved depending on the specific glazing used.

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Technical Data

  • Termica is a thermally-broken curtain wall system available in the highest grade architectural metals. With freedom of design, custom exterior covers and mullions with a sightline of only 50 mm (2"), most configurations are only limited by your imagination.
  • Water tightness is ensured by a system of internal EPDM gaskets installed on sections made with weep channels for draining of any moisture infiltration.
  • Glazing or panels are inserted from the exterior and secured to the sections by a pre-drilled metal gasket clip.
  • The finishing trims are snapped onto the external clip.
  • The system allows for various types of operable sashes to be inserted, thermal-break OS2 and EBE ranges along with non-thermally broken System Accaiao series.

Materials and Finishes

The Curtain Wall system is available in a variety of materials. As a standard option, all of our Brombal products are offered in a powder coat finish in any RAL colors They are also available in the materials listed below:

  • Steel

    Steel is an iron alloy which uses are countless. Simple, tough, and perfect for a variety of uses, Steel boasts great tradition and plays an irreplaceable role in the building industry...

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  • Stainless

    Stainless steel is an iron alloy containing chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. It was discovered in 1913 by Englishman Harry Brearly after realizing he created a metal which resisted rusting when exposed to atmospheric elements...

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  • Cor-Ten

    CorTen steel is a high tensile strength, corrosion resistant steel alloy which contains copper, chromium and phosphorous. The name (Cor-Ten) reflects the special properties of this allows…

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  • Bronze

    Utilizing the highest quality bronze in the fenestration industry, our products are made from 67% copper and 33% Zinc. This ratio is what allows the alloy to acquire a beautiful patina typical of old bronze…

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  • Bi-Metal

    Bi-Metal allows the flexibility of choosing 2 different types of materials to meet interior and exterior design demands. The ability to combine our available metal materials different on each side…

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  • Metal Wood

    Metal-Wood is exactly as it sounds. The ability to combine our available metal materials on one side, and the warmth of wood on the opposite side is now possible. This allows you to carry…

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  • Minimum visible sightlines thanks to the high strength of the materials used
  • A product for all seasons: resistant to heat, water, cold and wind with low thermal expansion
  • Assembly and installation quicker and easier thanks to the 90° cut of the sections and the special clips to join mullions and transoms
  • System that may be used on any supporting structure
  • Exclusive Secco Sistemi 12-stage paint process for powder coating mullion and transom sections with various RAL finishes
  • Possibility of using different materials and finishes: Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Cor-Ten and Bronze for mullions, transoms and cladding
  • Mechanical assembly without visible welds and pre-finished sections protected by tear-off film
  • System made with completely ecological and natural material, 100% recyclable without limit
  • System conforms with CE rating


Thermcia Drawing 1 Thermcia Drawing 2 Thermcia Drawing 3 Thermcia Drawing 4


Since all of our units are shipped without glass, it provides great flexibility for the selection of glass based on your specific needs. We work with the largest glass vendors in the country to provide the most energy efficient solution. Some of the vendors we work with are PPG, Cardinal and others.

Please visit our FAQ section for more information on glazing.

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