Bronze Brombal

About Brass

The warm, lustrous color typical of old bronze and its unique aesthetic qualities make this the ideal choice for restoration of old buildings, where it blends perfectly with the architectural design. Brass which is stronger than bronze, is used to achieve the desired appearance. It’s particularly resistant to atmospheric elements making it the perfect choice for coastal applications.

Brass lends itself perfectly to projects from historic renovations to modern architectural designs. Over time the natural oxidation process creates a patina that will transform to an attractive rich dark brown color creating an almost living and every changing finish.

The Material

Utilizing the highest quality OT67 brass in the fenestration industry, our products are made from 67% copper and 33% Zinc. This ratio is what allows the alloy to acquire a beautiful patina typical of old bronze. Bronze is one of the first materials used to forge tools and weapons, and during the renaissance period bronze was used to make doors in some of the most famous buildings like St Peters Basilica, the Pantheon, and Baptistery of St Johns. Brass lends itself perfectly to projects from historic renovations to modern architectural designs, creating a beautiful bronze appearance.

Transformation Process

After the coil stock is cut and rolled into the frame sections, it undergoes a heat treatment. This prevents the sections from potential cracking as it relieves the stress applied during the rolling process. The resulting product is the highest quality brass available in the fenestration industry.


  • Thermally broken.
  • High quality materials resulting in the most natural looking patina.
  • Easily replicates historical bronze for a perfect restoration.
  • Great resistance to the elements (air, wind, & water).
  • 100% recycled material.
  • Ideal for areas where landmark approval is required.
  • Available with matching bronze hardware.


1. Standard Burnished
An acid treatment is applied
to create different levels of

2. Polished
High powered buffers are
used to create a mirror like
shine reminiscent of traditional

3. Specialty Finishes
Five custom finishes are available which include


Bronzo Grigio