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Using 2 different metal materials is possible!

With Bi-Metal, you have the choice of utilizing 2 different metals on the interior and exterior of your windows and doors. Choose a material on one side that compliments the exterior, and choose a different material for the interior. Well suited for coastal environments or areas where a split finish is required.

Ebe Thermally Broken Products

Thermally Broken Products

EBE Thermally Broken Windows and Doors are extremely durable and have the ability to create large openings, yet have slender 65 mm sections. The high thermal efficiency of this product provides maximum U-value, and a triple neoprene gasket system provides an excellent weather seal. EBE thermally broken windows and doors can be obtained in a variety of configurations and have great design flexibility.

  • Available in Bi-Metal combinations
  • Slender 65 mm sections are engineered to guarantee maximum structural performance while maintaining maximum design freedom.
  • Extremely durable - virtually no maintenance costs.
  • Each unit is engineered to ensure the highest level of design, meeting all structural requirements, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Triple neoprene gasketing system (removable and replaceable) makes an excellent seal.
  • Available in both 65mm and 85mm sections to allow for a maximum glass thickness of 2 1/8".
  • Oversized units available.

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