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Founded over 150 yrs. Ago, Crittall pioneered and standardized the steel window industry and became the dominant source of steel windows and doors internationally with manufacturing facilities on five continents.

Brombal USA

Founded by 2 leading pioneers of the industry, Brombal USA continues to be on the cutting edge of the industry.

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Corporate W20 Range
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Additional CAD Downloads
  • dxf or dwg - (W20D1) Fixed Light
  • dxf or dwg - (W20D2) Vent
  • dxf or dwg - (W20D3) Fixed Light (USA Preferred)
  • dxf or dwg - (W20D4) Vent (USA Preferred)
Section Dimensions
  • dxf or dwg - (W20A1) Fixed Light
  • dxf or dwg - (W20A2) Vent

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