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Why are my windows sweating?
Condensation forms when warm, wet air combines with cooler, dry air. A perfect example of this year round is that moist mirror after a long, hot shower. In the winter you may see it on your windows because moisture trapped inside the home is the most evident on the coolest surface of the building – usually the windows.

How can I control it?
First find the cause. This moisture can come from cooking, dish washing, bathing, clothes drying, and your heating system. By controlling the humidity in your home, you can prevent your windows from leaving a wet mess.

Here are Steel Windows and Doors’ top five tips for reducing condensation in the winter:

1. Open a window to reduce humidity
2. Better air flow helps; turn on the fan to circulate air
3. Turn down humidifiers in the home or use a dehumidifier
4. Move your fish tank and plants away from windows, as they release moisture into the air
5. Update your windows – use insulated windows, storm windows, or add weather stripping to decrease temperature variables between the indoors and outdoors

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These tips will help control the condensation in your home, but when should you worry? If there is excess moisture on the walls or ceiling, then a heating/cooling specialist may need to be called. As for the windows, when the moisture is inside and between panes of glass, it means that the seal between the glass has most likely been broken. Changing the glass can resolve this problem, and if not then the entire window may need to be replaced.

We realize that condensation can be a hassle. At Steel Windows and Doors, our thermally broken products are made with insulated frames and insulated glass to reduce temperature differences as much as possible, in turn reducing the chance for condensation. Any of our thermally broken products are great options for upgrading your windows and doors; contact Steel Windows and Doors today!

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Standard lead time for our hot rolled steel products is 16-18 weeks from approved shop drawings. Our competitive lead times depend on product, location, and project size; contact us for more information.

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