Steel Windows & Doors + Brombal at IBS 2018

Posted By on Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018 in News,Windows and Doors

Steel Windows and Doors USA was at the NAHB International Builders’ Show in Orlando, FL, and exhibited with one of our manufacturers Brombal. Brombal manufactures thermally broken luxury metal windows and doors. The booth showcased corten, brass, and steel units, but the showstopper was the main unit on display – an operable glass wall that moves with the turn of a wheel.

Watch the video of Brombal’s operable glass wall in action:

Steel Windows and Doors USA offers many customization options for steel windows and steel doors, and our manufacturer Brombal has the expertise to produce high performing operable walls of glass like the one showcased at IBS 2018. The finished product is easy to operate, high performing, energy efficient with thermally broken profiles, wind and water tight, low maintenance, and as you can see – beautifully handcrafted. Brombal has been making luxury metal windows and doors for nearly 50 years in Italy, where design and craftsmanship reign.

Today, we’re proud to offer the one of a kind products to our U.S. clients. For operable window walls by Brombal, or to specify other thermally broken steel windows and doors Contact Us.

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