TGP Fire-Rated Windows & Doors

TGP Fire-Rated Windows & Doors

TGP fire-rated windows and doors are safe, reliable, and beautiful.


  • Fire-rated windows and doors available
  • Fire-rated products with 20, 45, 60, 90, 120 minute ratings
  • Classified and labeled with UL and ULC
  • Narrow sightlines with large views available
  • Steel fire-rated frames available
  • Aluminum fire-rated frames available
  • Wood and wood veneered ¬†options available in a variety of species
  • Beautifully designed units with many color options available
  • Interior and exterior fire-rated window and door options
  • Various fire-rated glazing options available

Availability & Cost

Please contact us directly for pricing or to discuss which fire-rated products are ideal for your application. To inquire about fire-rated windows and doors, please click here.


View or download TGP Fire Rated window and door brochures and specifications.