Brombal luxury metal windows and doors are all custom made. The Ebe configurations include fixed windows, single casement, French casement, awning, hopper, pivot, hinged doors (single and French), bifold doors, slider doors, arched top, shaped and curved units, composite units, and corner configurations for unobstructed views. All products are custom made and Brombal’s goal is to bring challenging projects to life.

Choose thermally broken steel windows and doors for the best thermal performance available.

We are proud to be the exclusive distributors of the world’s first thermally broken steel window, door, and curtain wall system. Brombal is the only manufacturer who has experience working with thermally broken products since their inception and has completed many successful projects. Ebe thermally broken sections are bonded together using two materials: the first is a fiberglass reinforced extrusion and the second is a high-density polyurethane resin injected under high pressure. This process firmly joins the frame sections together, ensures a continuous bond, and provides thermal insulation while maximizing structural strength. After years of intense research, the Ebe was born providing narrow sightline, thermally broken window and door systems capable of reaching Brombal’s largest sizes.

Ebe Thermally Broken Products

The high thermal efficiency of the Ebe system provides maximum U-values, and the triple neoprene gasket system provides excellent weathering resulting in the highest quality fenestration product available. Ebe thermally broken windows and doors can be obtained in a variety of configurations and have excellent design flexibility with options like mechanical or welded corners, five glazing bead profiles, and true divided or simulated divided glazing available.

  • All Ebe systems are thermally broken and tested with proven reliability
  • Multi-point lock systems on both doors and windows
  • Hingeless tilt/turn hardware
  • The most slender EBE 65 has about 2.56″ (65 mm) sections that are engineered to guarantee maximum structural performance with maximum design freedom.
  • Extremely durable and virtually no maintenance costs
  • Each unit is engineered to ensure the highest level of design, meeting all structural requirements, and ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Triple neoprene gasketing system (removable and replaceable) makes an excellent seal
  • Durable powder coat finish available in any of the RAL colors
  • EBE Sytems: EBE 65, EBE 73, and EBE 85: 65 mm, 73 mm, and 85 mm sections to allow for a maximum glass thickness of 2-1/8″
  • True divided or simulated divided light (TDL /SDL) glazing options available
  • 5 glazing bead profiles available, utilizing a stainless steel clip system
  • All units engineered to meet all necessary structural designs
  • Tested to meet the most stringent requirements: air, wind, water, and structural
  • Oversized units available


The Ebe series has several distinct frame sections, the Ebe 65, 73, 85, Ebe Style. and Ebe Metal Wood, which allow for a maximum glass thickness of 2-1/8″, while maintaining the same slender sightline. This allows for the use of energy efficient triple pane glass while creating extremely large openings. No other steel product can span as wide or as tall as the Ebe system.






Galvanized Steel

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Stainless Steel

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At Brombal, the attention to detail doesn’t stop at the fabrication of units. The hardware provides the details which complete the look and style of your windows and doors. We offer a variety of handles and styles to choose from, ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Please contact us for special hardware requests. We have the ability to replicate and remake custom hardware or utilize a specific hardware of your choice.


Available Configurations


All of our units are shipped without glass, providing great flexibility for the selection of glass based on your specific needs. We work with the largest glass vendors in the country to provide the most energy efficient solution. Some of the vendors we work with are PPG, Cardinal, and other top glass manufacturers.

Please visit our FAQ section for more information on glazing.