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Steel Windows and Doors USA is proud to be the exclusive distributors of the world’s first thermally broken steel window, door, and curtain wall system. Based on the fact that windows and doors usually account for approximately one third of the exterior wall area of any given home, it is essential to prevent as much heat transmission as possible when considering a homes’ overall efficiency. With today’s shifting markets and fragile economic stature, we are finding that people are becoming increasingly conscious of the energy losses their home experiences throughout the seasons. We also find customers frequently asking questions such as; “How much oil am I wasting annually?” and “What can I do to reduce my energy bill?”. The answer to these questions is to increase insulation and one of the best ways to do so is through our thermally broken windows and doors. To put it simply, thermally broken windows and doors are the best way for you; the homeowner, to protect our planets natural resources while insuring yourself and your family financially.

Thermally Broken Windows & Doors – Our Frames:

Surprisingly enough, one of the most overlooked areas for potential heat transmission for new and existing homeowners is windows and doors and unfortunately over a quarter of their heating and cooling bills is paying for these heat losses (or gains). The problem with the windows and doors installed in 8 out of 10 houses built in America today is that they are made from wood, vinyl or aluminum. Although aluminum is the best choice out of those three options; due to its low maintenance, long life and various color selection, aluminum is an extremely poor insulator due to its naturally high conductivity characteristic. Aluminums high conductivity comes from its atomic/molecular composition which shows that electrons flow with minimal hindrance with the atoms inside of aluminum which also means that heat energy can flow through with the same ease. When comparing conductivity rates of steel verses aluminum, we see that aluminum has a thermal conductivity rate of 235 watts per kelvin per meter where as our lowest grade steel has a thermal conductivity rate of 45 watts per kelvin per meter and our higher grade stainless steel has a thermal conductivity rate of 15 watts per kelvin per meter. This means that before adding any sort of thermally break characteristic to the window or door unit, you already prevent between 5 and 15 times the amount of heat losses (or gains) that existed with any aluminum window or door unit.

Thermally Broken Windows & Doors – The Thermal Break:

As mentioned before, energy losses are greatly reduced by choosing a thermally broken product over one which contains no internal insulation. A product which is defined as being “thermally broken” most often contains strips of thermal insulating polyamide or other various types of insulating polymers. In addition, window and door units also achieve their thermal break characteristic by providing a type of insulating barrier within the frame which aids in reducing the transfer of energy between the interior and exterior walls of the window and door frames. Steel Windows and Doors USA’s thermally broken sections are bonded together using two materials: the first is a fiberglass reinforced extrusion and the second is a high-density polyurethane resin injected under high pressure. This process firmly joins the frame sections together, ensures a continuous bond, and provides thermal insulation while maximizing structural strength.

Thermally Broken Windows & Doors – Our Product Lines:

Our “EBE” Thermally Broken line of windows and doors was created to be extremely durable and have the ability to create large openings, yet have slender 65 mm sections. The high thermal efficiency of this product provides maximum U-value, and a triple neoprene gasket system provides an excellent weather seal. The EBE thermally broken windows and doors can be obtained in a variety of configurations and have great design flexibility. After years of intense research and successful project completions using the EBE line of thermally broken window and door products, the “OS2” line was created to provide a much narrower sightline while still maintaining high strength and durability.

Thermally Broken Windows & Doors – As a Result:

As a result for choosing our Thermally Broken Windows and Doors over non-Thermally Broken Windows and Doors, you can expect to increase thermal conductivity and decrease thermal transmission on single glazed frames by approximately 140% and approximately 50% on double glazed frames. Additionally, you can expect to save approximately 70% on single glazed units and approximately 30% on double glazed units when choosing our steel thermally broken product over an aluminum thermally broken product.


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