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Steel Windows and Doors USA Provides Windows for the Aspen’s Silver Lining Ranch Renovation Project

Bridgeport, CT, May, 07, 2012 – Steel Windows and Doors USA is supplying the interior windows in the current lodge renovation at the Benedict-Forstmann Silver Lining Ranch.  Located in the beautiful setting of Aspen, Colorado, the Silver Lining Ranch is the home of the Little Star Foundation, which was created by former tennis pro Andrea Jaeger to provide support to children with life-threatening diseases and life altering conditions.   Little Star Foundation helps children with cancer and other children in need by improving their quality of life and providing long term care.

The windows provided by Steel Windows and Doors USA for this project are a Crittall hot rolled steel, single pane product with true divided light, ¾ inch hot rolled muntin, and putty glazing.  The narrow sightlines and versatility make this an excellent choice for refurbishment of a classic facility like the Silver Lining Ranch Lodge.  Steel Windows and Doors USA carries a full line of Crittall hot rolled steel windows and doors.  As the world’s oldest and largest steel window manufacturer, Crittall’s 150 years of experience in steel fenestration leads to maximum custom capability and responsiveness to individual project requirements.

Steel Windows and Doors USA is one of the leading distributors of steel windows and doors in the United States.  They have been working with a variety of manufactures offering a wide range of hot rolled steel, thermally broken cold rolled steel, bronze and stainless steel windows and door-based products from the top manufacturers since 1996.  They have the extensive experience and technical knowledge, including backgrounds in architecture and construction, which is essential in helping their customers choose the best product(s) to meet their needs and result in a successful project.



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Standard lead time for our hot rolled steel products is 16-18 weeks from approved shop drawings. Our competitive lead times depend on product, location, and project size; contact us for more information.

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