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An Extensive array of VERSATILE & DURABLE Materials

Brombal specializes in manufacturing all of their window and door systems using the distinct luxury materials listed below. No other manufacturer has the ability to produce a complete system with this variety of choices. Quality and craftsmanship is the primary focus when working with these materials. Brombal has the ability to weld flawless and seamless joints in these materials, and create extensive unit surrounds, custom bent metal shapes, and a variety of custom trim components in all materials offered.

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Colors Available

As a standard option, all of our Brombal products are offered in a powder coat finish in a wide variety of the RAL colors, as well as in liquid paint finishes.

Note that materials other than steel offer their own unique colors and beauty. Added in 2018, the distinctive metals collection is available as well.


Transformation Process

Large rolls or coils of steel are fire treated with a hot dipped galvanizing process utilizing the Sendzimir system; this coating of zinc on both sides ensures ultimate protection against corrosive agents. The resulting product is then sent through a series of rollers to produce specific C shapes used for our section profiles while maintaining the galvanized coating.

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