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Sky-Frame is a sliding window system that creates a comfortable, handsome living environment.  The frameless sliding window is a modular system that combines Swiss engineering ingenuity with timeless appeal.  Below are some of the important factors to consider why sky-frame would be a great addition to your home: 

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

With ceiling-height window fronts, organic curves or sloping glass units, Sky-Frame lays the foundation for customized spatial concepts and outstanding architecture. Inspired by the Bauhaus vision of “free-flowing space”, the sliding windows open up the interior of the home. Indoor and outdoor space merges to create a unified living environment.

  1. Convenience

The Sky-Frame system includes a range of features for enhanced comfort. It conveniently protects the home from unwanted sun, insects, and is equipped with high quality security systems. Automatic drives permit soundless and, if required, remote-controlled operation of the window units.

  1. Simple Technology

As a testament to Sky-Frame’s engineering prowess, the complex technology – though fully concealed – is exceedingly simple to operate. Yet, as in all areas, improvements and refinements are always possible, and for Sky-Frame this is what drives the unceasing process of product innovation.

  1. Strong Burglar Resistance

Thanks to the adhesive bond between insulating glass assembly and GRP sections, and the multipoint locking system, even the standard Sky-Frame model offers outstanding burglar resistance. Various additional components can be fitted to the sliding windows to meet special security requirements.

  1. Sun Shading with Sky-Frame Sun

The Sun venetian blind system with its flat, 80 mm wide aluminum slats offers the perfect solar shading solution for the filigree Sky-Frame sliding windows. Plastic-sheathed guide cords carry slats up to 3 m long to a maximum height of 4 m.

  1. Insect- Protective

When not in use, the frameless, pleated Fly insect screen fully retracts out of sight into the frame. Tear-resistant tension cords made from Vectran fibre and the integral system section guarantee maximum stability and weather resistance.

  1. More Light, Life and Views

Sky-frame sliding window systems compromise freely combinable elements that breathe life into any style of residential architecture. The originally curved and inclined glass units of the Classic, Arc and Slope Systems guarantee a truly distinctive living experience.

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