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1. Cor-Ten Steel is Thermally broken
Like all materials we offer at Steel Windows and Doors USA, our Cor-ten is thermally broken material. Ebe and OS2 thermally broken sections are bonded together using two materials: the first is a fiberglass reinforced extrusion and the second is a high-density polyurethane resin injected under high pressure. This process firmly joins the frame sections together, ensures a continuous bond, and provides thermal insulation while maximizing structural strength. After years of intense research, the OS2 was born providing narrow sightline, thermally broken window and door systems.

2. Cor-Ten is Weathered Steel
What gives Cor-Ten it’s aged, rustic look? Cor-Ten steel is created when the steel forms a layer of rust, protecting the material against moisture, and slowing the corrosion process. Although the material may be just a couple months old, it can appear as from past decades. For example, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY has a Cor-Ten exterior structure. Over 12,000 pieces of steel were weathered at a plant in Indiana, and then put through multiple wet-and-dry cycles a day to give that rustic look. In just a few short months, the Cor-Ten on the Barclays Center has the same weathered steel that would naturally take many years.

3. What’s In the Name?
Cor-Ten steel is a high tensile strength, corrosion resistant, steel alloy, containing copper, chromium and phosphorus. The name (Cor-Ten) reflects the special properties of this allow: corrosion resistance (Cor) and high tensile strength (Ten). These properties make Cor-Ten steel particularly suitable for use in any environment.

4. Cor-Ten Contains Protective Rust Layer
During the transformation of Cor-Ten, the large rolls of CorTen steel are cut to the required width and rolled to the specific profile section. Upon exposure to air, the patina process begins which creates a protective layer of rust over the surface. Left untreated, the rust will create an ever changing appearance. A surface wax treatment can be applied which will stop the continued rusting and will provide a protective barrier against the elements.

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