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Why Specify the Studio Rooflight?

This should be your choice for projects requiring a run of finely detailed, low profile roof windows. You get all the qualities and advantages offered by the Conservation Rooflight® or the neo Rooflight, with a choice or three linking options.

The three options available, based on our tried and tested linking strategies, provide different visual appearances. The key differentiator among the three options is the gap between casements.

Studio Linked

Studio Linked (T-Bar Link)

188 mm gap between casements.

The Studio-Linked option works well for projects that require a run of standard neo or Conservation Rooflights®. This option uses a 'Linking T-bar' installed between standard models of neo or Conservation Rooflights®. There is no limit to the number of standard roof lights used in the run. The widths can vary and all Studio Linked casements are openable.

Studio Designer

Studio Designer

12mm gap between casements.

The Studio Designer option provides a finely detailed run of roof lights. This option uses standard neo steel or Conservation Rooflight® casements, assembled onto a single, purpose designed base-plate. This results in a seamless run of roof light casements, which are a mere 12mm apart. They can vary in width and any or all may be openable or fixed shut.

Type A Linked

Type A Linked

50mm gap between casements.

“Type A” linking can be used to link multiple Studio Designer base-plate assemblies with a gap of only 50mm between the casements on separate base-plates. T-Bar linking can also be used to link Studio Designer base-plate assemblies, resulting in a gap of 188mm between casements on separate base-plates.

Download our PDF with more details about linking options or call us at 203-579-5157 to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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To learn more about Steel Windows & Doors and our entire product line, please contact us directly.

Glazing Specification

The standard glazing specification gives an average installed U value of 1.35 W/sq m-K. This is achieved with 4mm "K" toughened inner, 4mm toughened outer glass with a 16mm argon-filled gap, manufactured according to BS EN 1279. A U value as low as 1.1 W/sq m-K is readily available, as well as 11 optional specifications, such as Pilkington Activ™ self-cleaning glass and Georgian Wire Cast glass.

Most BS colors and glazing options are available - please speak to us at 203-579-5157 to discuss your requirements.

To learn more about Steel Windows & Doors and our entire product line, please contact us directly.

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