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The Conservation Rooflight® remains faithful to its Victorian heritage while embracing technical developments to remain ahead of Building Regulations.

The Conservation Rooflight


"Conservation continues to have a high profile in the building profession and the Rooflight Company's commitment to excellence in this field is well-recognized."
Jack Pringle, Past President of the RIBA

Why specify the Conservation Rooflight®?

The Conservation Rooflight® is the original low profile skylight. It combines an authentic traditional appearance with the highest modern performance standards. In Great Britain, it is endorsed by English Heritage and the National Trust. A wide range of standard sizes are available, as well as the Bespoke Design Service. Some of its features include:

  • A faithful reproduction of a Victorian cast iron rooflight
  • An ultra-low profile and fine lines along with a genuine glazing bar
  • Availability of sizes for any application and a special design service
  • Its silicone fronting replicates traditional putty.
  • A stepped glazing detail gives the appearance of single glazing.
  • 17 top-hinged and 2 side-hinged options are available.
  • A warm to the touch internal surface is available with moisture resistant linings that are painted on site.
  • Darkening of the room is available with a new sleek blind system.
  • It has a traditional appearance and has the approval of Planning Authorities.
  • The Conservation Rooflight complies with planning requirements for conservation areas and listed buildings.
  • It has the favor of English Heritage and the National Trust.

Long life, low maintenance

  • The frame has a robust 3 mm steel design with a protective layer and a polyester powder coating.
  • Up to a 12 year guarantee on the rooflight frame, subject to location* and adherence to maintenance guideline.
  • Can be cleaned from the inside through the use of an available cleaning tool.
  • A self cleaning glass option is available.

*If you’re choosing rooflights for a property in an industrial or maritime area, or in an area subject to a potentially corrosive or polluted environment, call us at 203-579-5157 and ask about the different material specifications we offer to suit your specific needs.

Versatile and easy to install

  • These rooflights are suitable for any roof construction.
  • 9 sizes and bespoke designs available to give a solution for every application.
  • Flushness with the roof can be obtained without the requirement of special measures.
  • Full technical help and support are available.

Please note that the above information relates to the latest version of the Conservation Rooflight. Please consult us at 203-579-5157 for information on previous versions.

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Sizes & Accessories

Please note: the following information is relevant to the latest revision of the Conservation Rooflight®. If you have previously ordered a rooflight and would like to order accessories, we recommend that you consult with our Customer Services Department to check which revision you have as accessory options may vary.

The following chart details the sizes available in our latest range. If you are looking for a flush installation, please contact us to confirm your requirements.

Our standard Conservation Rooflights® are finished in black (RAL9005) with our standard glazing specification of K glass, 4mm toughened inner, 4mm toughened outer and 16mm argon filled gap achieving an average installed U-value of 1.35W/m2 K.

A range of colors and glazing options are available. Please contact Customer Services email us for full price and lead time details and to discuss your requirements. Click here to contact us.

Top Hinged Blind Options Ironmongery Options & Motor Options

To learn more about Steel Windows & Doors and our entire product line, please contact us directly.

High Standards of Performance

  • Our standard double glazed unit exceeds the requirements on Part L of current building regulations.
  • Condensation control is ensured with our high performance thermal lining (the patented Thermoliner®).
  • Weather tightness test BS 6375: Part 1:1989 (up to Hurricane Force 12) is exceeded.
  • It is very air tight.
  • Our passive ventilation meets current building regulations

To learn more about Steel Windows & Doors and our entire product line, please contact us directly.

Glazing Specification

The standard glazing specification gives an average installed U value of 1.35 W/sq m-K. This is achieved with 4mm "K" toughened inner and 4mm toughened outer glass with a 16mm argon-filled gap. A U Value as low as 1.1W/sq m-K is readily available, as well as 11 optional specifications such as Pilkington Activ™ self-cleaning glass or Georgian Wire Cast glass.

To learn more about Steel Windows & Doors and our entire product line, please contact us directly.

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