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Sky-Frame Sliding Window System


Working with Sky-Frame means creating comfortable, handsome living environments that make no compromises. The frameless sliding window is a modular system that combines Swiss engineering ingenuity with timeless appeal.


Aesthetic appeal

With ceiling-height window fronts, organic curves or sloping glass units, Sky-Frame lays the foundation for customized spatial concepts and outstanding architecture. Inspired by the Bauhaus vision of “free-flowing space”, the flushthreshold sliding windows open up the home interior. Indoor and outdoor space merges to create a unified living environment. Wall pockets allow the sliding windows to be fully retracted out of sight. The eternal charm of the frameless window concept transforms the view into a spellbinding design feature.


The Sky-Frame system includes a range of features for enhanced comfort. The Sun solar shading assembly offers protection against strong sunshine. The Fly insect screen allows the insect-free enjoyment of warm summer days and balmy evenings. Automatic drives permit soundless and, if required, remote-controlled operation of the window units. In line with their thermal and sound control requirements, customers can choose between the Sky-Frame 1, 2 and 3 technologies. Sky-Frame sliding windows are also designed for high security. Apart from incorporating safety glass, they can be additionally fitted with alarm sensors.


As a testament to Sky-Frame’s engineering prowess, the complex technology – though fully concealed – is exceedingly simple to operate. Yet, as in all areas of human endeavour, improvements and refinements are always possible and, for Sky-Frame, this is what drives the unceasing process of product innovation. The demand for progress and sustainable development is firmly enshrined in the corporate vision and reflected by the many innovation awards received by the company to date. Sky-Frame technology is 100% Swiss-made. It is synonymous with precision engineering and the quest for supreme product performance.

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The name “Classic” not only evokes the timeless appeal of the rectilinear window assembly, but also highlights its historical significance as the first ever Sky-Frame system. The sliding windows comprise insulating glass units with perimeter aluminium or glass-fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP) sections. Mounted in aluminium frames that are fitted flush with floor and ceiling, the sliding units offer minimum rolling resistance when operated. The system drainage for the flush assembly is via recessed channel or is installed below the raised outdoor floor covering.

Multi-point locking

  • Unlocking handle fitted flat on frame, operated by gentle upward movement
  • Optional: integrable, elegant locking cylinder


The sliding elements of Sky-Frame Arc are used to create curved glass fronts, thereby adding organic contours to the home environment. The radiused glass units offer smooth running performance and can be equipped with an automatic drive on request. The system meets all Sky-Frame standards and, as a streamline architectural feature, opens up a wealth of additional design options.


  • Sky-Frame Automation: On Request
  • Sky-Frame Guard
  • RC2 (WK2)
  • Connection Alarm System


Depending on requirements, Sky-Frame Slope sliding windows can be installed with an inward or outward inclination. The system meets all Sky-Frame standards while generating a distinctive spatial geometry. The bearing assembly is able to accommodate all vertical and horizontal forces, thereby achieving superior running performance. Regardless of inclination, the system drainage meets all driving rain resistance requirements.


  • Sky-Frame Fly on request
  • Sky-Frame Sun on request
  • Sky-Frame Automation on request
  • Sky-Frame Guard
  • RC2(WK2)
  • Connection Alarm System


Sky-Frame 1

The 12 mm thick, single-glazed Sky-Frame 1 units are suitable for applications without thermal insulation requirements. The system also incorporates special sliding seals that offer a high level of sound control.


  • Sky-Frame Fly
  • Sy-Frame Sun
  • Sky-Frame Automatin: Single, telescopic (2-4 four-left)

Sky-Frame 2

The excellent sound and thermal control standards met by the Sky-Frame 2 technology have made it the most popular Sky-Frame solution. The slim (only 30 mm thick) double-glazed insulating glass assembly has proved an outstanding performer in a wide range of climate zones.


  • Sky-Frame Fly
  • Sy-Frame Sun
  • Sky-Frame Automatin: Single, telescopic (2-4 four-left)

Sky-Frame 3

The Sky-Frame 3 system with its 54 mm thick insulating glass units meets the highest standards. The triple-glazed elements offer extra stability and even greater resistance to wind loads.


  • Sky-Frame Fly
  • Sy-Frame Sun
  • Sky-Frame Automatin: Single, telescopic (2-4 four-left)


Sky-Frame Fly

When not in use, the frameless, pleated Fly insect screen fully retracts out of sight into the frame. Tear-resistant tension cords made from Vectran fibre and the integral system section guarantee maximum stability and weather resistance. Fly can cover openings up to 1 m wide.

Sky-Frame Automation

The electric drive allows simple and virtually noiseless operation of the sliding elements at the press of a button. The drive is concealed in the ceiling section and allows the window fronts to move automatically.

Sky-Frame Guard

Thanks to the adhesive bond between insulating glass assembly and GRP sections, and the multipoint locking system, even the standard Sky-Frame model offers outstanding burglar resistance. Various additional components can be fitted to the sliding windows to meet special security requirements.

Mechanical components

Sky-Frame 2 and 3 was tested by ift Rosenheim and was shown to comply with the following burglar resistance class: RC2 (WK2), (EN 1628, 1629, 1630 / EN 1627).

Electonic components

  • Position monitoring (leaf)
  • Deadbolt monitoring (lock)
  • Glass breakage sensor (alarm loop)

These thress security parameters can be electronically monitored by alarm sensors concealed in the section and the status information transmitted to a burglar alarm system.

Sky-Frame Sun

The Sun venetian blind system with its flat, 80 mm wide aluminium slats offers the perfect solar shading solution for the filigree Sky-Frame sliding windows. Plastic-sheathed guide cords carry slats up to 3 m long to a maximum height of 4 m. The Sun-Box recessed into the floor and the winding mechanism in the blind box facilitate swift dismantling of the guide cords to create an unobstructed opening and their subsequent re-installation.

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