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Founded in the 1800's, CRITTALL WINDOWS Ltd. was the pioneer of hot-rolled steel windows and was responsible for setting up the first steel window manufacturing plants in the United States and around the world. Crittall is the world's oldest and largest steel window manufacturing company today.

Crittall is equally active in new construction and refurbishment. Projects range from replacing thousands of landmark sensitive 1920's windows to supplying windows for the most contemporary buildings designed by today's foremost architects.

No other manufacturer of steel windows offer as comprehensive a range of hot rolled sections. This ensures maximum custom capability and responsiveness to individual project requirements.

  • 150 years of experience in Steel Fenestration.
  • UK market leader.
  • Hold ISO9001 Quality Certificate.
  • Personal service from design through to installation.
  • Experienced technical designers are available to answer any questions you may have.
  • Designs are undertaken by a Crittall trained draftsperson.
  • Each contract is handled by a Project Manager liaising with designers, manufacturing and site to meet deadlines.
  • A quality product is produced via strong design ethics and an in-house paint shop.

Crittall Products

Corporate 2000 Series

Corporate 2000 Series

A re-design of the traditional hot rolled steel window. Whilst retaining the slender styling so characteristic of steel fenestration, Corporate 2000 has just three master sections. The slimline rigidity of steel sections allows the design of flat and unobtrusive 'minimum' coupling - with no protruding mullion or transoms - for all but the largest glazing spans.

Corporate 2000 is equally suited for residential, institutional and commercial applications, and can be used to produce unusual and innovative curtain wall designs. Major user sectors are offices, hotels, hospitals, universities and schools.

  • A High Performance pressure equalized design
  • 40 mm front to back dimension
  • Insulated double glazing up to 29mm thickness using dry gaskets and aluminum glazing bead
  • External rain screen and internal air seal gaskets positively secured
  • Unitized construction
  • Hot-Dip galvanized
  • Factory-applied Duralife polyester powder coat finish
  • Double integral co-extruded TPE weather-stripping
  • General exposure category: 2000pa
  • Flat faced frame.
  • Ideal for NEW BUILD projects.

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Corporate W20 Series

Corporate W20 Series

The Corporate W20 windows and doors range offers great versatility. No other steel window system offers such an extensive range of sections, allowing the designer the opportunity to create many styles including elaborate composite windows.

An effective weather-stripping system, and the option of double glazing up to 14mm when gasket glazed, and 16mm wet glazed ensure excellent thermal insulation properties, and the system's large opening casements and slim frame make it particularly popular with conservationists and planners.

  • Offers flexibility in design via shaped windows and has the ability to form extensive composite windows.
  • Glazing up to 16mm.
  • Aesthetically delivers very slim sightlines thus maximizing the glazing.
  • Hot-dip galvanized.
  • Factory-applied Duralife polyester powder coat finish.
  • Integral EPDM weather-stripping.
  • English Heritage Approved.
  • Ideal for Replica Refurbishment.

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Berkeley Series

Berkeley Series

The Berkeley Window was originally created in order to replace existing 1920s and 1930s steel windows that were predominantly single pane leaded glass, exterior putty glazed. For the Berkeley window, Crittall developed an entirely new series of hot rolled sections where a solid steel chamfer replicates exterior putty glazing, whilst the interior glazing improves access for re-glazing and security.

Berkeley offers an ideal solution for both replacement projects and new construction where minimum sightlines, maximum daylight, and fine detail are desired. The system is suitable for high-end residential, institutional and commercial applications.

  • High performance
  • Unique articulated frame and sash
  • Hot-dip galvanized
  • Factory-applied Duralife polyester powder coat finish
  • Double integral EPDM weather-stripping
  • Glazing up to 18mm.
  • Has a solid steel chamfer that replicates a putty glazing exterior.
  • Ideal for traditional refurbishment projects.
  • Registered design.

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Homelight Series

Homelight Series

Crittall Homelight windows are designed for applications where smaller typical sizes do not require the weight or depth of the Corporate 2000, Corporate W20 or Berkeley sections.

Homelight windows provide maximum daylight, as their design allows the incorporation of larger areas of glass than any other window of a similar size.

Hot-dip galvanized and in-house Duralife polyester powder coated for exceptional performance and a minimum maintenance service life, the Homelight window is available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to suit any specification where strength combined with slim and elegant sightlines is required.

Homelight L is an advanced version of the established range, and has been designed to fully meet the requirements of the Building Regulations for England and Wales, 2006.

  • Homelight windows remain the same in sizes and styles to the original imperial range.
  • All windows and doors are hot dipped galvanized against corrosion.
  • All are weather-stripped and available double glazed and polyester powder coated. Painting steel windows is a thing of the past should you choose to have a virtually maintenance free window.
  • Security is a characteristic of steel windows and doors due to the strength of steel. As a result steel windows have very slender sight lines allowing a light and airy feel to any room.

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