Hurricane & Impact Testing Part 2: Brombal Narrow Sightline Fixed units Passed!


Hurricane and Impact Testing Part 2: Brombal USA 5’0” x 12’0” narrow Sightline Fixed units PASSED!

As a continuation of Part 1 of our “Hurricane and Impact Testing” blog, Steel Windows and Doors USA is excited to say that their Brombal OS2 series rectangular fixed frames have also successfully passed hurricane and impact testing! Our units are 5’ x 12’ ,have a narrow sightline of 1 1/8” and have been tested with an available structural mull which allows us to stack them side by side for massive spans of glass. Similar to our Brombal USA double doors which also passed hurricane and impact testing, the fixed frames are now certified in a wide range of materials such as galvanized steel, bronze, corten and stainless steel. Stay tuned for Part 3 of this blog where we discuss the requirements and testing procedures involved.