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Advantages of Installing Folding Doors

Folding Door

The kinds of doors you choose for your property can make a big difference in how you efficiently and effectively use your space.  Folding doors are a multi-functional and aesthetically pleasing choice for a room, offering several advantages. Flexible reconfiguration … Continue reading

Park Avenue – Luxury Living

Park Ave

Since New York City was founded it has held the gold standard of high-class living. Park Avenue, in particular, has equated to luxury living more than anywhere else in Manhattan. This is why when the condo conversion at 530 Park … Continue reading

Bronze Windows and Doors–Strength and Beauty Combined


Over 5,000 years ago, the first bronze alloy was made by mixing copper with arsenic.  The problem with arsenic bronze is that the alloying process was a bit difficult to control, but more importantly, one of the ingredients was intensely … Continue reading

Why You Want Thermally Broken Steel Windows and Doors for Your Restoration Project

Thermal Break Doors

You have this wonderful house that you’ve been slowly renovating for years. You can look with pride upon all the work you have done to bring it back to its former glory, from refinished floors and refurbished cabinets to the beautiful period … Continue reading